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I just got my first box and I was so pleased with it. Opening the box was such a delight. The presentation was so lovely and everything inside just gorgeous. The Fragonard soap smells heavenly and I love the matching dish which I will probably repurpose as a dish for my rings after I use the soap. The antique serving fork, small ceramic serving dish, the waxed linen bag-they are all so beautiful. It’s like having a friend in Paris go shopping for you. I have been hesitant to order a subscription box in the past as I wondered if I would really want any of it even if the value was there. Well, this box is different. Everything is gorgeous and they are the types of things you might buy on your next trip to Paris but you won’t have to figure out a way to get it all home in your luggage. I had one small issue with my box-the outer box had gotten wet so the magazine inside had also gotten wet and the pages had stuck together. It was not a big deal and I wasn’t complaining as I could still read it. But thought I would mention in case they might want to put the magazine in a waterproof sleeve of some kind in case the outer box gets wet. A few days later a replacement magazine arrived. I was so surprised! Not necessary but so nice. I look forward to my next box which should ship around my birthday. It will be the perfect birthday gift. Thank you so much for putting these boxes together and sharing a little bit of France with us.




Dear Joan,

Thank you so much for your support and sharing your experience with everyone. We are glad to have been able to change your mind on subscription boxes, and glad we were successful in luring you into our little world.

We look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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