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The August box was over the top and was such a treat to receive. When I opened the November box I was disappointed beyond words and will not continue to order as the cost it to much for such a let down. Had it contained the quality as the August box I would have continued to treat myself with the little French box.




Dear Sherry

I am very sorry to read your comment, and to learn that you were disappointed by your box.     All of our boxes contain items that total a retail value of well over the cost of the box, and that without the shipping costs.

The only difference that you may have noticed with the November box, was that because the items were smaller in size (although not in value) the box did not appear to be as full as the August edition.

We have received many emails and comments from clients who loved the November box, so I think that maybe we simply didn’t hit the right products for your taste.

I hope that you may come back as a client and give us another chance to prove just how much love and attention we put into creating each box.  The February 2019 edition will be called La Parisienne, and I can honestly tell you that I am bursting with excitement about this box.  We have united some spectacular brands, and the box will be oozing with true Parisian chic and femininity.

with kind wishes from Normandy


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