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Sorry Sharon.

I purchased the May box as a present for my sister’s 60th birthday. I was so excited before it arrived, however when I saw what was inside the box I was pretty disappointed and I really don’t feel that it delivered value for money.

The paper wreath might have been made from old books but that didn’t make it a brocante item, and I can see it getting damaged very quickly.

I’m guessing that the vast majority of people purchasing the boxes have more money than they know what to do with, but for me, I felt that my hard earned cash didn’t purchase very much at all and the experience made my feel quite deflated.




Dear Susan

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback.  We take note of every single comment and email from our clients, and we are always trying to improve our offer.

I am very sorry that you were disappointed in the wreath that was included in our May box.    It was hand made with leaves cut from antique books, antique engravings and antique linen.     We have received many positive comments about the wreath from clients who have either hung it on a wall, framed or unframed, or simply propped the wreath on a shelf.

We are very careful when we choose the products for our boxes that the US retail value is higher than the price paid.  Also, as you know the price of the box includes all shipping costs.

The other items in the box included a hand made porcelain ring cup; two high quality cosmetic products; a very special luxury candle, as well as a necklace and a handy bag.  I  am confident that our clients got value for their money, as with all of our boxes.

If ever you wish to come back and try out another box you would be most welcome

with kind wishes



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