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I recently ordered a pair of espadrilles. They arrived with damaged stitching on the toe. It looked like the person just didn’t finish the design, strings hanging. I looked at my statement and it said no returns or exchanges. Don’t order if you aren’t able to chock up the price of the item plus $25.00 shipping.




Dear Kathryn,

We appreciate you taking the time to write a review and we have also contacted you by email.

It is true that we do not accept returns or exchanges and this is due to expensive import taxes.

However, for items damaged or for items that never show up, we have a 10-day policy for our clients to reach out to us to have the problem resolved.

Although the 10 days have passed, we would be happy to receive a photo of the espadrilles you received to see what we can do for you

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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