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This was a good box, not my favorite but still nice.
I love the print! I loved the artwork this year and that they were exclusive to the boxes.
I liked the lip crayons and very happy I got the red set. The wrap was lovely. The earrings were a surprise. I didn’t like them until I put them on. They look very nice with the pearl necklace from several boxes ago, which I wear all the time.
The antique glasses were sweet!
Indifferent about the body lotion- I wish I had gotten a different color.
Not every item appeals to everyone but that is the beauty of these.
Thank you for the thoughtfulness that goes into them.





Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the latest box.

We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the exclusive print and found the lip crayons and wrap to your liking. It’s wonderful to know that even the earrings grew on you, complementing your existing pieces beautifully.

We appreciate your honest feedback and understand that not every item will resonate with everyone.

Rest assured, we’ll continue striving to curate boxes that delight and surprise. Thank you for being a part of our community!

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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