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I love to cook and travel. Prior to purchasing this box, I just went to Paris for the first time and my favorite part of the trip was getting up early in the am and I would walk over to the second arrondissement to cooking shops such as E Dehillerin and G Detou. This box truly captured the experience that I had.

Please consider having the snack tubes of salted caramel creme in a future. That was the best souvenir that I ever bought for my friends and loved ones.





Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us!

We’re happy to hear that our box captured the essence of your trip to Paris and brought back fond memories of exploring cooking shops in the second arrondissement.

Your suggestion for the snack tubes of salted caramel creme is duly noted, and we’ll certainly consider it for future boxes.

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with delightful experiences.

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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