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My friend and I have just had a lovely Friday afternoon.
We have had our November boxes for 2 weeks, waiting for the right moment to open them together. We are both teachers working in a girls school with 5/6 year olds in their first year of school (What joy.) We have 1 more week of the school year to go before our long summer break and had just finished a extremely busy week which had included a very special Nativity play where are gorgeous little angels stole the show, but we were exhausted. Now was the right time! We have had a very cold, wet, windy spring and the thought of the long hot summer to come is a bit daunting. However out Friday afternoon was perfect. We had our glass of cold French rose, our wedge of French cheese, the French doors open with a waft of breeze coming through. We had already had a chuckle, the fact that we thought we had purchased the box in Australian dollars when in fact it was US dollars. Just in case we were disappointed we had an atlas opened to France with a big highlighted dot on Normandy to remind us the box had actually come from France. As we opened each parcel we oohed and aahed. We loved everything, my friend the candle and I just loved the candle holders. The necklace we both were not too sure about but decided with the right outfit it could be perfect after all it was French -from France!!!!
We are now planning to make this our treat again next year , what fun we had.
Thank you Sharon
Merry Christmas to you and your family,




Dear Debbie


Thank you so much for your lovely message.  I can picture you and your friend sitting together and opening the box with the glass of wine and French cheese!  Thank you for painting that image for us, I love it!

I hope that you will both enjoy the February box just as much.  It will be called La Parisienne, and will be full of feminine and iconic items to make you and your girlfriend feel very French indeed.


Thank you for your custom, and happy Christmas in Australia!




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