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My feelings of anticipation rise as I await each new box. They just get better and better! I am really thrilled with the Apicia products as I use all-natural/organic beauty products. I have never had a real French filet bag before. I am devoted to Saint Michael the Archangel and we love ropes and thread and string. This unites us in the never-ending movement of the tides of life. The handmade ring cup is exquisite. I love trinket dishes. This reminds me of a shell polished by the elements resting on a piece of driftwood. I felt the wreath was chosen “just for me”. It is something I would choose if I were out shopping for myself and hoping to find a treasure. The antique linen and pages from books are symbolic for me. The gardenia and the tomato represent Paradise. Some white bead necklaces can look “old lady”. The size of the beads, the string tassel and the gold disk make this one fresh and age-less. The watercolors filled me with a longing to finally fill a home with the treasures from all the boxes.


Dear Carol,

We are so pleased that you enjoyed each and every one of the contents of the May box and love that we are able to meet those expectations each box! Thank you so much for being a client.

With kindest regards,

The My Stylish French Box team

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