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Your packaging and style choices are impeccable! Living in California during this COVID era makes France seem so far away. Receiving these boxes gives me the feeling that France is just next door, and I’m so thankful.
The chain for my glasses is a far more stylish option than having them perched on the end of my nose. The Corsica fragrance of the bath products is beautiful! I would be hard-pressed to want to try the other two, although I’m sure they smell good too.
The scarf is incredible! The colors are so vibrant and do remind me of the Mediterranean!
Every piece in the box—the beach wrap, the porcelain—was lovely! Thank you so much!




Thank you ever so much for such kind words. It means the world to us that we are able to spark so much joy all the way in California!

Merci from Sharon and the MFCH team x

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