Hi Sharon and team! Your boxes were delivered third week of November, but the three that I purchased were only just opened this weekend. I bought one for myself , one for my mum and one for my daughter, so I had to wait until I got everyone together. What can I say?! I do not know how you do this!

You curated a box that I love to bits (I’m 56) , but that also made my 81 year old mum very happy AND my 28 year old daughter! We had such a lovely time opening it together. I made a special table with little appetizers, and I even opened a bottle of bubbles! We sat together and opened each item slowly, reading the brochure as we went.

Thank you for the care you put into these boxes. This was my third time purchasing, and I love that each box is so different, but each one delightful. You have a client for life!!!

Patricia in Maine, USA




Dear Patricia,

We are so thrilled you enjoyed the November box! And what a special moment opening them together :-)We are pleased you enjoyed all the contents. Each is chosen carefully to be an item of quality with high craftsmanship, and a beautiful object that everyone will enjoy- of course with that fun element of surprise too! Thank you so much for being a client and your kind message. We can’t wait for you to receive the next box!

Kind wishes

The My Stylish French Box Team

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