I did not realize there was a MFCH boutique until I received the news in a recent newsletter. I immediately purchased two sets of lavender wands! For many years I have wanted these to scent my linens and woolens. I am utterly delighted with these beautiful handmade, beribboned wands. Now that they have arrived, I find they are too pretty to be tucked away in the linen cupboard so I have them on display in a pedestal bowl on the dining room table. They give me such pleasure every time I glance at them in passing. Come the Fall, they will go to their rightful place amongst the linens. Many thanks!





Dear Karen,

We are so happy to know that you are enjoying the MFCH Boutique! The lavender wands are one of our favorite products, they are absolutely divine. Putting them in with your linens in the fall is a great idea 🙂


The My Stylish French Box Team

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