To let you know that in one of the previous boxes I did receive the bowl from the above picture.  USE IT is an understatement!!  It has been a serving bowl on the table, cooked in, I have sprouted plants in it, held fresh herbs from the farmer’s market and used to  hold eggs in the fridge.  Of course bowls can be used so many ways but this the one item I probably use the most out of the 12 or so boxes that I have received.  Wait—the other item is linen or maybe candles.  Candles, always get burned and then used as vases or gifted to friends.  

Your boxes are a delight to receive and many of my friends have subscribed because of having received gifts from be from the boxes.

Thank you for all the effort that it takes to come up with these treasure boxes.  They are appreciated.

Be well and enjoy the Holiday season.

Karen Mpitsos




Hi Karen, thank you so much for letting us know how often you use your bowl.   We are preparing another cooking themed box for February, and I hope you love the contents every bit as much.
Happy Holidays to you and your family

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