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I loved the boxes but the change is price ia rather steep. I think i am not going to be able to afford now wish u had kept the original members at the lower rate so they didn’t have to stop the subscription. Very disappointed!!




Dear Donna,   thank you for your feedback and thank you for your custom.    We understand that you would have preferred being kept at the original rate, and believe me if we could have done that we would!       As a goodwill gesture, all of our original clients benefitted from an additional two boxes at the old price before we changed their subscription to the new price, and as you know we wrote to each person concerned to explain the change before it came into effect.

We work hard to curate a box of high-end French products for our clients to enjoy.   We never include sample sizes or inferior quality items and of course shipping worldwide is included in our sales price.

We hope that in the future you will feel happy to return either as a subscriber or as a one-off gift purchaser; either way you will always be most welcome.


with kind wishes

Sharon Santoni

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