I’ve been ordering the boxes for more than a year now and wanted to take a moment to just say thank you! The selections you make suit my style perfectly. The box is always wrapped beautifully too! Each time a shipment is announced I find myself watching the mailbox waiting for it to arrive.. and it usually only takes a couple of days! Crazy with it coming from France. Another great thing- I love hearing about the brands! I wouldn’t know about these brands unless I subscribed. They’re unique and luxurious, and just simply perfect. Thank you! Looking forward to the November box!!





Dear Susan,

Wow, what a wonderful review! We are just as eager to ship our Boxes, as you are to receiving them. It is such a pleasure to hear that you enjoy the wrapping, it is a special detail that we’ve always made sure to pay close attention to. We take pleasure in bringing France to our clients! Thank you for being a client with us for so long and taking the time to write!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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