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It was a treat beyond any I could have imagined – to be able to sample this curated collection of gorgeous French finds, and in my favorite colors, no less! I’ve been a long-time follower of your blog and have watched you grow and prosper, and it has been a delight to vicariously share your journey. My first indulgence was “My Stylish French Girlfriends” – which I love! Then I subscribed to your digital magazine – a delightful peek into the lives of creative and strong French women. And now this wonderful gifted box…. your style, creativity, and ingenuity never disappoint. I am fully enjoying the luscious scent of my candle, the beautiful blue linen scarf, and my morning coffee in my bluebird mug. The lovely antique napkin is actually large enough that it is adorning my nightstand. I can’t wait to travel with my new linen pouches, and I’m searching for a frame for the adorable print. The stationery is getting put to a special use – being mindful of my time to create art in my studio and jotting down ideas as they pop into my head. As for the stunning Bohm necklace….. the admiring eyes of my college-aged daughter were not to be resisted – she is the new lucky owner!

Thank you so very much again –




Dear Jean,

So very pleased to hear not only how much you loved the May box but also that you were able to share some of the pieces with your own daughter! We are so happy that you were able to receive this box as one of our May giveaway winners and enjoy some beautiful French products in your own home 🙂

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

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