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To open my boxes, to me, is like a wonderful dream. I’m very sensitive and appreciate beautiful things. Being in the US now, forgive my fellow Americans, is pretty gloomy. To have such a lovely gift now is uplifting. Also, May is my birthday. I like to unwrap first, then go into the details of the gifts. I’m totally a pen and paper person so much appreciated the pen/pencil holder and the pad. I always try to get French paper when I can. The magazine is so well done. Work of art, as is the box. Please keep the magazine coming with the box. Barnes and Noble, I frequent, doesn’t always have the issues. Please continue with this wonderful idea of gifting the best of France to us. I SO look forward to the next box. My best to you Sharon and your whole, very special staff. You make the world a more beautiful place. We SO need it more than ever now.

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