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Brilliant & Amazing are the words that come to mind when I think of Sharon of My Stylish french box. My mother had difficulties trying to purchase the Yearly Subscription Box and time was an issue to get the order before the purchase deadline. After several attempts to figure out her technical issue, Sharon reached out to my mother from France to Seattle and walked my mom though the purchase process. I am amazed with the level of customer service and how My Stylish french box went above and beyond the typical customer service standards. I highly recommend My Stylish french box not just for their amazing product but their superb level of customer service and attention to detail. Thank you Sharon for taking such good care of my mother.



Thank YOU so much. Your kind words were read at one of our team meetings and made our day! We are so happy to have helped, and to have your sweet mom as a client! We hope she enjoys her boxes and all the fun little surprises.

With kindest regards,

The My Stylish French Box team

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