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I enjoyed receiving the November 2018 box. Mine was missing the necklace, but all it took was a quick email to the team and a necklace was mailed to me in time for me to enjoy it for the holidays. Thank you for such great customer service!

The February box, 2019, however, is a disappointment to me. I don’t particularly like the newest artist’s work so I’m not looking forward to receiving more of his artwork. Unfortunately, two of the items featured that art, the water color and the note cards…note cards with no envelopes, by the way. I’m bothered by scent and this box includes both perfume and a candle. The objet trouvé is a small pasteboard pill box…meh. Lastly, the box includes a beret. Seriously, a beret? It’s not 2016 when berets were a hot fashion item. The best item in the box is the red lipstick. It’s very sheer and will be a good color for most everyone. I subscribed for a whole year. I sure hope the next three boxes are filled with items that delight me.

I so wish I could have received last year’s spring box. I love the idea of a cookbook and copper molds. Anybody want to trade?




Dear Lisa,

We are so sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the February box and that some of the items were not your taste. So far we’ve received quite a lot of positive comments from our other subscribers. For the beret, you might be surprised to know that they’re still very much in fashion and are common sights on the streets of Paris!

Jean-Jacques Sempé is a very prominent French artist who became famous in the States with his work for the New Yorker, but we can understand how his work may not appeal to everyone.

Thank you so much for your yearly subscription, we are sure you will love the boxes for the rest of the year!

Kind regards,

Sharon & the MSFB team

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