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I have been an annual subscriber of the box for a couple of years, and I am typically quite pleased with the items. They are usually quite luxurious and fabulous pieces.

Box21 has many lovely pieces, and overall I am very happy with them. However, please do not send just one teacup that requires a matching cup to be truly useful. This is the second time I have received just one tea cup in my box, and I do not want to buy another matching cup from the boutique. It feels like a blatant effort to get me to buy more. If you are just going to send one item that requires matching pieces then perhaps over the course of the year send the annual subscriber more matching items.

Again, overall the box is lovely and worth my investment, but I would ask that pieces that are sent to be “stand alone” pieces or send multiples so they can be used.
Thank you!



Thank you ever so much for your feedback. We take care when selecting items for our boxes, and this is definitely something we’ll be taking note of.

This is very much appreciated, and we do hope you are looking forward to our future boxes.

With love from France,

The MFCH Box Team x

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