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These boxes are wonderful! Sharon and her staff do a magnificent job curating beautiful items for these boxes. Being an ardent Francofile and having been to France over 50 times, I must say these boxes truly represent the essence of France. I use all the items….and smile while using them. The staff is very attentive to their customers. I recently had a broken item (despite careful packaging mishaps can happen during shipping). I immediately emailed MSFB, the next day I had a reply and a week later a replacement arrived. Great customer service. By the way, the presentation is glorious…I have saved all the empty boxes as they are great for storing things. While writing, I must also mention that the magazine is great and I love the Boutique! Do yourself a favor and have a little bit of a France left on your doorstep.





Dear Gladyce,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are happy to share our bit of France with you 🙂
Our apologies for the broken oil jug, but we are happy that you have received your replacement and can now enjoy!
We appreciate you sharing this wonderful review!


The My Stylish French Box Team

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