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I have received 3 boxes so far and I now have plenty of candles and soap. One of the candles is available at my local Walmart. Many of the items are very cool and are beautifully presented, but the final decision to cancel came in the February box.; it included beautiful note cards, but no envelopes!




Dear Denise

Thank you for your comment.   As you know from our replies to your emails we are always very happy to receive any feedback from our clients, and we take note of everything.

Regarding the candles and soap.   One of our criteria when curating the box is that the contents smell divine and include a home fragrance of some kind.  Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to send room sprays or other kinds of perfume, and candles are a great way to perfume your home and of course they can be shipped safely and without hindrance from transport regulations.  Personally I always have several candles on the go here at home, and am happy to discover new brands.

I am surprised that you say you can find one of our brands in Walmart.  We were certainly unaware of this.  When we approach new brands to supply for the box, we always ask whether they are distributed internationally, and if so where.

We have included soaps in several of our boxes.   I see that you received the Savon de Marseille in the August box and in the latest box you received the pretty Savonnerie de la Chapelle product which was the additional gift for our yearly and quarterly subscribers.   Again we feel that soaps are something we all use regularly, and they make pretty additions to a guest bathroom, or simply to spoil ourselves.

Regarding the lack of envelopes with the box of notecards illustrated by Jean Jacques Sempé.   As we mentioned in our email exchange with you on that subject, the cards are a fairly standard size and it is easy to find envelopes to fit them.   With space at a premium in our box, we felt it was preferable to have more of Sempé’s beautiful cards than to replace half of them with envelopes.


I hope that answers your questions, and that in the future you may be tempted to come back and try the box again, you will always be most welcome.


with kind wishes


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