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Sharon and Team surpassed my expectations of the Elegant Soiree Box. If pressed hard to pick a favorite item, it would have to be the wallet. I’m thrilled to have received the taupe and the leather is soooo buttery, with that unmistakable smell. I can’t stop touching it. I’ve changed it to my everyday one, who doesn’t need a bit of daily elegance?? I look forward to wearing the cape, also “taupy”, so a great match. The lotion was an extra little unexpected bit of glamor and the earrings are weighty and quality. Even the chocolate was elegant, coming in pearls!!
I agree with another reviewer, some parts of the brochure were quite hard to read but I’d forgotten all about it, being so enamored with the contents. I would have loved to have a maker’s stamp or little tag on the wallet and cape, so I could remember where they are from. Even if it said “made for MFCH by….”
Thank you, Sharon and Nina for braving the wind to capture that Nice sunset for us, how thoughtful! Always love the detailed and intimate feel of your unboxings.
This was my first subscription box and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one. Counting down to February!! Thank you for the joy and anticipation this (and your gorgeous magazine) has brought to my life.





Your kind words warm our hearts!

We’re thrilled that the Soiree Elegant Box surpassed your expectations and brought you such joy.

It’s wonderful to hear that the taupe wallet has become a daily companion and that every item, from the lotion to the earrings, added a touch of glamour to your life.

Your feedback about the brochure’s readability and the suggestion for maker’s stamps are duly noted, and we’ll strive to improve.

Thank you for your appreciation of our efforts, and we can’t wait to continue delighting you in February and beyond!

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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