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I signed up for the boxes after seeing them on the une Femme d’un certain âge. It is so much fun to open the box and see what wonderful surprises are within. I love the different themes for each one. Besides the contents, those white boxes are much too nice to throw away, so I am finding uses for them all around the house.

Their customer service is top-notch as well. When the olive jug arrived broken, they replaced it and even gave me a choice of color.

Thanks for an excellent product and bringing so much joy!





Dear Carillon,

We are thrilled to know that you enjoyed the contents in the August Box!
Each is chosen carefully to be an item of quality with high craftsmanship, and a beautiful object that everyone will enjoy- of course with that fun element of surprise too!
Thank you so much for being a client and your kind message. We can’t wait for you to receive the next Box!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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