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It’s pure pleasure to receive the box each quarter, truly! Having lost my mother, it almost feels like she is sending me a gift as I’ve always loved her taste and she would put together beautiful packages and they were always so exciting to open!

After being a quarterly member for over four years, I am considering pausing or stopping as I have often wished that I could customize and select the color way or fragrance of items where there are multiple options shown in the brochure (makeup, jewelry, tote bags, scarves, soaps etc.) It seems I find myself hoping for a certain color and I get the one that I can’t use in my home or wardrobe….it’s ok as everything makes perfect gifts! However I agree with another reviewer that suggested we might be able to keep our long term subscriptions going for longer if we had the option to choose the colors or styles before they are shipped out to make sure we can use them? If this isn’t possible, at least we can still shop for things from the Boutique if we stop our subscriptions.

Has your team considered this idea and if so, what is the outlook for customization? Thank you so much for your consideration – Sharon has exquisite taste and I enjoy so many of the items on a daily basis!




Bonjour Wendy,

Thank you for your heartfelt review and for being a loyal member for over four years. It warms our hearts to know that receiving our box brings you joy and fond memories of your mother. We deeply appreciate your support and are delighted that you enjoy Sharon’s exquisite taste.

We understand your desire for customization and the importance of receiving items that perfectly fit your preferences. Your suggestion is very valuable to us. While we would love to be able to have customization available, our small team is not able to offer this type of selection just yet. It is something that is on our minds and that we hope to bring one day to our clients.

In the meantime, we’re glad you find joy in gifting the items you can’t use, and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you again for your thoughtful feedback and continued support. We hope to keep delighting you with beautiful French products for many years to come.

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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