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This was my first box and i was really excited to see what delights were inside. I was happy with most of it. I could smell the insides before I opened the box. A couple things were too perfumed-I prefer more natural smells, like FRENCH LAVENDER! Even honey or something that smelled like the ocean around Nice! I guess I would be happiest picking the things that came in options, like the hand soap in a couple scents, the glass that had 3 different floral designs, the dessert utensils, etc. I guess the best thing for me is to wait until some of the things are offered individually since I am on the picky side!!!





Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your first MFCH Box.

We’re delighted that most of the items brought you joy! We appreciate your feedback regarding scent preferences and will strive to offer more natural options in the future.

Your suggestion for customizable options is noted, and we’ll explore ways to accommodate individual preferences.

We look forward to continually improving and hope to exceed your expectations in the future.

Thank you for choosing MFCH!

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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