I have subscribed since the beginning. I am always so excited to open a new box. i always love candles and soap and the candle in the May 2019 box is especially pretty.
I didn’t mind that the notecards in a previous box didn’t have envelopes because I’ll frame the cards and hang them on the wall.
I don’t know whether I’ll ever wear the beret in a previous box but it’s such a cool thing to have! I just love receiving beautiful things I probably won’t go out and buy on my own . I think my favorite things are items from the brocante! Thank you for doing a great job.






Dear Dianne,

Thank you so much for being a client since the very beginning. We are so pleased that you are such a long-standing client! You’ll have to send us a picture of the cards all framed. I’m sure they will look beautiful! The beret in the February box is certainly a special item, as it is 100% Made in France and beautifully made when so many of them nowadays are not.

Thank you again for ordering and for your kind words! We are so thrilled that you enjoy the boxes.

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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