I have been a subscriber from the second box. Each and every box is a delight and I so look forward to receiving them. It’s like Christmas morning and one’s birthday all rolled into one gorgeously wrapped package. I cannot even say which one is my favorite. You can tell that each item has been picked with care and thought.

This last box was stolen from the courier warehouse in Toronto (a first for me) and I was so disappointed when I thought I would miss out on the August box. Within a couple of days of notifying Sharon and her team so they could make the claim as the shipper, they had a replacement box sent back out to me. I was like a little kid opening the box last night and I adore everything that was in it. I cannot wait to have friends for dinner, in my little COVID bubble and enjoy the lovely items.

I can barely wait for the November box.

Thank you Sharon for your wonderful boxes, the amazing treasures enclosed inside and the joy that you bring every quarter in brightening our days.



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