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After a busy summer of entertaining family and friends I decided it was time to treat myself to another Stylish French Box. The boxes always exceed my expectations. My husband enjoys the treasures as much as I do and follows me into the living room to partake in the special champagne we purchase to accompany my box opening event.

This August Box was my favorite! The canvas and leather bag is a treasure. I’ll be using it in the spring. I couldn’t put the waterlily scarf away. I can’t bear to have it our of my sight. I have loved Monet’s water Lillies since I was introduced to them in high school. I have a couple other foutas and just had to have this one in raspberry to add to my collection. They’re so versatile. The sunglasses holder/necklace is another favorite. It’s just the right, light glitter I need this month to wear with my white linen tunic as we move into cooler days here in northern Washington State in the US. The little white vase is perfect for my nightstand with a single bloom of whatever I bring home from the grocery store on Fridays. My husband isn’t into strong scents but we both sincerely appreciate the lovely natural scent of the mint hand lotion and liquid soap. I’m so happy my box came with the mint option. The water color is a special little treat as is the nougat. It will be perfect with a cup of tea. I’m happy I ordered the magazine to accompany my box. It reminds me that I must get a yearly subscription.

Thank you so very much for providing this kind service of specially chosen, high quality gifts from France that I will cherish always, along with my other special items I have purchased from you in the past. You are truly thoughtful and kind to share such joy with those of us unable to pop over for a day of sightseeing and shopping.




Dear Jane

Thank you so much for your message.  It makes us so happy to hear that clients enjoy all the details of our boxes.  Curating each collection is a labor of love, and messages like yours make it all worth while.


Sharon & the MFCH Team

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