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Dear Sharon and MFCH team,

It was with great delight that I opened the latest box, #16, a surprise anniversary gift from my husband. Totally unexpected as we usually don’t exchange gifts on this occasion just before Christmas. In the past I have treated myself to the occasional box and without fail it makes me feel totally spoiled every time! It is as if you know me, the colours of the scarves, pouches and jewelry are always perfect. It is as if we are all dear friends and you even knew that I wrote a final dissertation on Madame de Sévigné in university!

So thank you, Sharon! You have created a niche where you make lots of us happy, together with a dedicated team who pride themselves in providing great service. In this extraordinary pandemic year your gifts and creations have been a soothing reminder of life as we knew it and to which we will hopefully return soon.
And I mustn’t forget to thank you also for the fantastic magazine! I look forward to it with impatient anticipation and I hope to plan my next trip to France around several of the featured locations such as the galleries in and around Paris……..where my soul lives. The photography is stunning and the contributions are always enlightening and interesting.

I hereby send my best wishes and gratitude to you all.
Bonne Année!
Vancouver, B.C.




Dear Juliette,

Thank you so much for your support and such lovely words! It’s thanks to your continuous support that we are able to keep the movement going and being able to bring such joy is a massive priority!

We hope to see you in France some time soon!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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