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It is so nice to receive nice surprises. There are so many surprises in the world that are not so nice, so it’s great when you can give yourself a gift every few months that is always a charming welcome. I smile whenever I open these boxes. many times I will take things from it and gift them to others for birthdays or special occasions. Or if going to lunch with a special friend who is a great cook or entertains, there is always a part of these gifts that will truly be loved by the receiver.

This month, the book by Marin Montagut, is just so much fun to look through. I always tease that ‘my boyfriend’ has left a gift for me, or comment when I see his picture from the emails. How many emails do we put in the trash? Lots! The MFCH emails are always a refreshing welcome with many tips for entertaining and garden. I get the magazine each month and love to sip a cup of tea in my garden while reading it. The long stem candles by Maison Pechavy are gorgeous. The floral glass tumbler, perfectly classy with a flower from my garden happily giving a nice pop of color to my countertop. The hand-soap, super fragrant. The lovely antique cutlery, going to a French lady friend as a thank you for lunch. Too many things to list in each box, but if you have never purchased one, you won’t be disappointed. Gift cards from wonderful curators as well. I look forward to the next box! Thank you Sharon!





Your heartfelt words truly resonate with us!

We’re thrilled to bring you joy and charming surprises with each box. It’s heartening to hear how you share the delight with loved ones, making each gift a cherished memory.

Your enthusiasm for our curated selections, from Marin Montagut’s book to Maison Pechavy’s candles, inspires us to continue delivering exceptional experiences.

Thank you for being a valued part of the MFCH community.

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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