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My December box arrived a couple of weeks ago – my very first! It was wonderful to open and discover each treat included and the fragrance upon opening was divine. Each item was beautifully presented and of very high quality. Sadly, the lipstick was a bit of a disappointment as it was dry and not a pleasant aroma. Perhaps out of date? I was so looking forward to wearing the rouge shade over the holidays. The French have a wonderful way of designing items with such practical purposes such as the pouchette. The cashmere blend scarf has been a constant companion since shoulder surgery last week. Since travel has been impossible in 2020, the box was a good way to feel connected to France. I look forward to the spring box and new discoveries.




Dear Lynda,

Thank you so much for your support! We are so glad you loved the box so much to leave a review!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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