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The November 2018 box is my first box and I love it. So many little treasures and so unique! My husband knew how excited I was and while I fished the package from behind the door in the middle of the afternoon, I wanted us to open it together. He made a fire and set out a cheese plate and with a glass of wine in hand I opened it when I came home from work. It was like a mini-Christmas without the tree. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience — the anticipation, the opening, the gifts. And I have also appreciated the outstanding customer service employed by Sharon, Emily and Molly. Thank you!




Dear Elizabetth,

We are thrilled that you enjoyed the November 2018 box and that you and your husband had such fun opening it. We couldn’t imagine a better scenario to fully experience the opening! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much for your order.

With warm wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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