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I have been a subscriber to My Stylish French Box since the beginning and have enjoyed it thoroughly until May 2018

I was considering a role as Ambassador but I am a little unsure of the future direction of the Box..
May’s box included a wreath – which as the representative of something brocante was … disappointing. It did not have much appeal or a sense of something special and is likely not to last long due to its fragile (flimsy) nature. Something truly brocante carries a special history with it – which I think everyone treasures
The net bag – while a staple of French shoppers is also widely used in the U. S. now – and is one of the lesser attractive choices for bringing your own bag to the store now in the U.S.

I know your prices have risen and that you are hoping to focus on things of value rather than volume… I hope you are able to follow through on this.
Thank you for the brilliant concept – just sorry about May
Patricia Margaret


Dear Patricia

First of all thank you for your custom and for your honest input.  We take note of all the comments and feedback from our clients, and we try to build on our experience and do better with each box.

I’m sorry that you didn’t appreciate the wreath.  I realise that this was a new twist on the brocante element, but as it is made only with antique engravings, pages from antique books and also antique linen, I thought that it had a charm of its own.    To reassure you, in the coming boxes we have individual brocante items lined up for you that I hope you will enjoy.

The net bag is something that I use myself.  I like that I can have it in the bottom of a handbag, or in the car ready to use, and that it never looks creased or ruffled.  Also these are very fashionable right now, so we thought that our clients would enjoy this fun item.

I hope that you will reconsider your initial idea of becoming an ambassador for the box, as a longtime client, I’m sure you would be fantastic!

We are busy preparing the August box now, and I’m happy to tell you that it is all about French cuisine.  As usual we aim to bring you uniquely French items, with a US retail value well above the purchase price for the box.

with warm regards from Normandy


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