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I ordered this box at first as a one time thing, I felt it was a little expensive and could not think of a good reason to keep getting it, my first box showed up and then the second, and I was so surprised and taken aback at what was in these boxes, they cover every sense in the human body and the box is so delightful, to open it is a treasure on its own when you open the shipping box and then “THE BOX”, you can’t imagine what could be packed in this little box, but oh my the treasures that await the senses is amazing… and just when you think it can not get any better here comes another box full of sensory pleasures.. there are so many goodies in these little boxes that are worth every penny, In a day and age of getting cookie cutter items, that to be honest don’t really offer a lot this is a true treasure to get in the mail of doom and gloom… If nothing else try this box of goodies at least one time and let your life have a true old world experience, You won’t be sorry and I bet you order again, even if it is only for special occasions or holidays, you really won’t be sorry…..



Dear Tammy,

Thank you dearly for your review. It is such a pleasure to hear from clients such as yourself. We take pride in finding unique products for the boxes that cannot be found anywhere else and are thrilled to bring these little treasures to you. We are so happy you liked the experience of opening the box too! That is such a big part of it- from the smell to the different textures. Thank you so much for being a client and we cannot wait to bring you even more surprises in the coming months.

With kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box team


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