Sabe Masson

Sabe Masson created a gentle, seductive perfume for women on the go. This wearable and long-lasting fragrance is a soft perfume, a smooth stick of perfume for your hand-bag.

Sabé Masson is a young French perfume company, led by Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud who has coined the phrase “La Maison du Soft Perfume”. From a design studio in Paris, to an atelier, Isabelle and her team have crafted the careful, highly intentional universe of Sabe Masson. The lifetyle they promote and the Soft Perfume sticks themselves, are made specifically with the skins sensitivity in mind. Made from natural ingredients, without alcohol or parabens, they are a safe and luxurious way to scent yourself softly throughout the day. The guiding principal we bring to you from this French expert is to treat your skin softly, and with respect.

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