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Feret Parfumeur

Feret Parfumeur: creating beauty essentials for 150 years

In 1878 the Feret brothers, Lucien and Roger took over their father’s company and made Feret a household name in France. The Bloc Hyalin was considered an essential product for barbers, hairdressers and dermatologists while the Hyalomiel was a popular skin care treatment. Families used the entire range and valued Feret for baby care as well, because of the softness and natural ingredients.

In the 1930s the Feret brand enjoyed world-wide prestige and the company employed more than 700 people in France. A shop was opened in the Faubourg Poissonniere area of Paris. Feret Freres was in the enviable position of holding a semi-monopoly on the distribution of branded cosmetic products in France. The death of Lucien Feret signalled the end of an era, and Feret continued production more quietly.

Fastforward to today and Alexis Cabanne, one of the grandsons who is very attached to the brand and identity, took up the family tradition and has relaunched France’s original beauty line.

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