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maison baluchon high-end accessories

maison baluchon high end accessories

Maison Baluchon offers high-end accessories for everyday use. And we are thrilled to be teaming with them for the second edition of My Golden French Key!

Since the Box N°14 is shipping in less than a week, we wanted to share a little backstory on this divine French brand.

maison baluchon inspiration

The idea of Maison Baluchon came about from the love shared between the founders, Nathalie and Toma, and their love for their region, Haute-Marne in France.

Their creation process starts by drawing inspiration from their surroundings. They build a world of plants and animals with mineral or aquatic detail to reflect the season.

maison baluchon design

Once they have the final patterns, they have them printed onto natural fabrics like cotton & silk to serve as the basis for each collection.

maison baluchon savoir faire

Offering a variety of items such as bags, suitcases, wallpaper and much more, they collaborate with local artisans to create each unique piece.

Working with local artisans allows Maison Baluchon to create products sur-mesure and ensure quality, handmade items.

Thanks to this approach, they have created a small line of accessories for the boutique of Château de Versailles. The evidence that a small team can make a big impression!

maison baluchon wallpaper

So keep an eye out for the next Golden Key! One lucky winner will be the recipient of a luxurious crossbody bag by Maison Baluchon. A prize worth over $250!

maison baluchon golden key prize

Good luck to everyone! And if you have not had the chance to order your Box N°14, we are taking last minute orders!

Order yours HERE

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