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la maison franc and the making of lavender wands

lavender wands from provence

These lavender wands were included in our August 2019 My Stylish French Box. Learn more about the story behind this gorgeous brand and the process behind making their lavender wands.

Lavender is one of our favorite scents, one which embodies the feeling of the region of Provence for us. This is why we love lavender wands- they’re such a beautiful, portable way to keep lavender in your home.

Philippe Franc has created his business around the fragrant flower, which grows abundantly in the fields surrounding Lourmarin, where his shop is located. Upon his move to the south, a new neighbor gave him a lavender wand as a welcome present, and he loved the idea of giving scent, which is a universal language, as a gift. Thus, La Maison Franc was born.

Called fuseaux de lavande in French, the wands are made with lavandine, a hybrid plant that has stronger stems and more fragrant oil than pure lavender. The plants have medicinal properties as well as a strong scent, and have been used as such since the 12th century.

The process to make them is at once fairly simple and startlingly complex. It can take up to two months to learn the process to a level that meets Philippe’s high standards for his products. The lavender must be cut when the stems are fresh and the seeds are still full of oil, so the lavender wands will hold their scent as long as possible.

If you’re ever in Lourmarin, don’t hesitate to stop by Philippe’s shop and check out his beautiful collections!

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