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a teaser for our february box ! with a giveaway …

Our February edition of My Stylish French Box is all about Marie Antoinette.  Iconic figure in her own time, and still now over two hundred years later, the epitome of feminine self indulgence, amid beautiful 18th century design.

Eighteenth century images seem to please, no matter which fashion we go through.  The attention to detail, the colour palette, the craftsmanship.  All qualities that have inspired so many subsequent periods and eras.

Versailles is not far from our headquarters in Normandy.  The decadence and the luxury of time, that the former inhabitants of the palace enjoyed, can still be sensed through the ornate detail of every wall hanging, wood paneling and of course the gardens.

Our giveaway is open to everyone, giving you an opportunity to win a box for yourself or to gift to a girlfriend or a sister.  Share an image above on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and tag us @mystylishfrenchbox.

And if you want to be sure of receiving a box then lose no time!   We are taking orders now for the February box, and they are selling fast.   It looks like this box will sell out, just like the previous boxes.   You can sign up for a year, per quarter or for a one off gift box – the choice is yours.

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Inside The February Box
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