The box arrived on Friday.
Happiness ensued…
I can’t thank you enough for working your magic and getting an extra box prepared for my wife’s birthday. Tracy is absolutely over the moon!
I must admit that I am equally as impressed with the contents of the box.  Having read about the concept and seeing past editions online does not truly prepare one for the actual unveiling if you will. There is obviously a lot of thought and passion packed into these little boxes. We have traveled to France on a number of occasions. It’s like opening up a little slice of the country.  This edition’s artwork brought me right back to a summer I spent in Provence as a child.  For Tracy it was the savon de Marseille.  For a couple of minutes, at least, we were right back in France.
Thank you again for everything that you did to facilitate the timely arrival of the gift. I am happy to report that after the triumphant arrival of our first box that you now have a client for life.
Dear Daniel,
Thank you so much for your review! It was our pleasure to make this happen for your wife and we are so pleased she enjoyed her present! We hope she enjoys her future boxes.
All the best,
The My Stylish French Box team
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