Thank you so much Sharon! This is my fourth box and I absolutely love it! The perfume smells divine and I just love the chic little spray for my handbag. I am a long time admirer of Jean Jacque Sempé’s work, I remember so many of his covers for the New Yorker. I’ve never worn a beret before, and I was hesitant, but now I’ve tried it on, I think it is very cute on me, and I will be wearing it a lot this late winter and spring.

Thank you for all the care and planning you put into each of these boxes, they bring me very much pleasure indeed!

with best wishes from Texas





Dear Judy,

We love that you love the February box! It might be one of our favorites – but it’s hard to say as they are all so unique with different French artisans and creators. Sempé is fabulous and we are so happy you love his work. We see berets in France on women and men of all ages here-enjoy!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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