Small Antique Ice Buckets


Everyone needs a small ice bucket at some moment in their entertaining life!

Small enough to be invited onto the summer lunch table, chic enough to sit comfortably on your chic cocktail bar, and ideal to sit beside your antique champagne or wine bucket.

Our small Antique Ice Buckets come in different sizes and designs, each one unique.

A – 11 cm high x 10.5 diameter (4.3×4.1″)
B – 13 high x 12 cm diameter (5.1×4.7″)
C – 12.5 high x 12.5 cm diameter (4.2×5.2″)
D – 16 high x 13.5 cm diameter (6.2×5.3)

Silver Plated

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For all orders there is a USD$20 additional shipping charge for Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay

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A, B, C, D

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