Artisan of France – Alix D Reynis


There are some artisans that hone a particular skill or craft and others that are more polyvalent, spreading their expertise over a range of disciplines. Alix D. Reynis is one of the latter. Ambitious, creative and patient, this self-taught craftsman is a staunch defender of savoir-faire and has been a key player in Paris’ artisanal revival. 

From ceramics to candles to jewelry, Alix’s focus is on sustainable luxury. A row of irregular pearls, tiny air bubbles on a glazed dish… everything in her multifaceted collection is unique. Her inspiration takes myriad forms, from the clean lines of Ancient Greek architecture to intricate eastern patterns to elaborate Baroque details.

We are happy to offer a mini collection by Alix Reynis including a shell box of natural balm, a porcelain soap dish with Alix’s distinguished Ginger soap, a notebook and as an optional extra a beautiful gold pendant necklace


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