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Antique Silver Coffee Pots


Serving your morning coffee in one of these Antique Silver Coffee Pots will take your coffee drinking to another level.    This design with its handle on the side of the coffee pot, was particularly popular at the turn of the century, and has since been known as Turkish style.

A – 13 cm high x 8 cm diameter (5.1×3.1″)
B – 14 high x 7 cm diameter (5.5×2.7″)
C – 20 high x 9 cm diameter (7.8×3.5″)

All hand-sourced and selected in France

Silver Plated

For all orders there is a USD$20 additional shipping charge for Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay

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A, B, C

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